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The Need for Surgeons in Gaza

The situation in Gaza has developed into one of the world's worst humanitarian emergencies of this century. We're committed to sending aid directly to Gaza in the form of urgent medical supplies to help prevent an imminent disease outbreak, but also surgeons, doctors and anaesthetists. With 100,000+ people in Gaza killed or injured, these experts will perform life-saving surgeries on men, women and children who have lost everything.

Experts in Their Fields


How do we enter Gaza?
We gain entry into Gaza through our collaborative partnership with IDEALS, our esteemed partner team with a longstanding presence in Gaza since 2014. Supported by Islamic Help, IDEALS has evolved into an emergency medical team sanctioned by the World Health Organization. Our secure access to Gaza is facilitated and authorized by the United Nations.
Are the doctors paid?
No, every doctor and surgeon volunteers their time to provide assistance to those impacted by the conflict in Gaza. They do not receive any monetary compensation for their selfless dedication.
Where does my donation go, and how much does a deployment cost?
Your generous contribution plays a vital role in supporting various aspects of our mission. It covers essential needs such as insurance, travel expenses, logistics, and the procurement of medical consumables. Specifically, your donation supports surgeons in Gaza, ensures life-saving medical aid, and facilitates the smooth operation of our missions. Every contribution directly impacts the provision of critical medical care to men, women, and children in need, with each full deployment costing £40,000. Thank you for making a meaningful difference.
What is the need for UK surgeons to travel to Gaza?
Currently surgeons in Gaza are overwhelmed and in desperate need for support in providing life-saving surgeries to the thousands of victims affected by the constant barrage of bombings. Deployments to date have provided life-saving and life-changing surgeries to over 2,600 people.
Will you continue this work?
Absolutely. Our next deployment is scheduled during Ramadan, with another to follow shortly after. We've made arrangements for deployments over the next twelve months and are actively collaborating with all stakeholders for sustained, long-term medical assistance. The commitment to providing ongoing support remains steadfast, and we are dedicated to making a lasting impact on the medical needs for the people of Palestine.
What is the hospital experience like?
It's unlike anything we've witnessed before. The hospitals are consistently overwhelmed with patients, and the European Gaza Hospital, in particular, houses a staggering 22,000 displaced individuals within its compound and building. Palestinian medics tirelessly reside on-site without any time off. Our dedicated medics, driven by a selfless commitment, believe in supporting their counterparts in every possible way. The challenges are immense, but their unwavering dedication remains steadfast in the face of adversity.
What are the long-term health concerns for the people of Gaza?
The people of Gaza face imminent long-term health challenges, teetering on the brink of a public health disaster. Thousands of children are grappling with acute malnutrition, water-borne diseases, and enduring trauma with lasting consequences. Shockingly, the combined impact of malnutrition, hunger, and disease has the potential to claim more lives than the conflict itself. As the public infrastructure in Gaza will take decades to rebuild, the community remains in a vulnerable state. In recognition of these pressing needs, our commitment extends beyond immediate relief efforts. We are dedicated to working in Gaza in the long term, actively engaging in initiatives to address and mitigate the persistent health challenges faced by the population. Together, we strive to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the people in Gaza.

Life changing support.

100,000+ people have been injured or killed in Gaza, with over 12,300 children killed. Homes collapsed leaving many trapped under the rubble, leading to respiratory infections.
Most hospitals are only partially operational, with 22 completely destroyed, leading to intense overcrowding at the remaining locations.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to help respond to the current emergency, through the immediate deployment of appropriate surgical teams and supplies to Gaza. Simultaneously, we will complete a thorough assessment of healthcare needs in Gaza to guide our subsequent work.




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