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Hand Ups, Not Handouts.

Your Zakat donations directly empower people in need, improving their lives in unique and meaningful ways. Whether it’s providing their families with food, buying livestock or paying off debts, your Zakat contribution becomes the solution to a multitude of problems for people in need around the world.

Investing in their Futures

Empower people to make decisions defined by independence, dignity and autonomy. By paying your Zakat with Islamic Help, we will ensure cash is distributed to people who need it the most. Whether it’s a father buying his daughter school supplies, a widow buying a sewing machine to earn extra income or a needy family buying a brood of chickens to secure their livelihood, your Zakat goes further when it empowers people in need.

Reaping the Benefits

Whether it's cash distributions or paying off debts, your donation empowers people in need globally to take control of their futures.


What's happened so far.

Opportunities have been given to the most vulnerable including widows and refugees. We provided poultry and livestock; sewing machines; rickshaw taxis and restaurants.

65% Increase in women's salary
100+ Families lifted out of poverty
5 Villages trained on bee-keeping

A tangible difference

By giving the poorest the opportunities and tools to establish livelihoods and sustainable incomes, you improve their lives and their prospects of a secure economic future.

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