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What is the difference between Fidya and Kaffarah?

Fidya is the compensation for days of fasting that one has missed and could not fulfill due to a valid Islamic excuse without any possibility of making it up. Kaffarah, on the other hand, concerns compensation for oaths that were intentionally broken and or fasts intentionally broken during Ramadan. The amount of compensation paid for each of these broken oaths differs.

How much should I pay for Kaffarah?

Your Kaffarah should be feeding ten poor and needy people with the kind of food that you eat and/or feed your family. To Feed 10 people it is $120 ($12 per person per meal). If you are unable to pay the amount required, then you must fast for 3 consecutive days instead.

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How much should I pay for Fidya?

When someone is unable to fast due to a legitimate reason, they should try and make up those missed days by fasting at another time. However, if one was unable to fast those days (due to chronic illness or old age etc.) then they must pay Fidya, to feed a poor person for each day a fast is missed. The Fidyah amount of $12 for Ramadan 2021 will provide an individual in need a Iftar food pack in Ramadan.


What's happened so far

In Ramadan 2020, we distributed family food packs in 11 countries, providing food security during the month for over 138,000 beneficiaries.

138k People helped
11 Countries
5k Volunteers

Please note

Disclaimer: By donating, you give us permission to use your donations as necessary to deliver this project. This may mean using funds donated for one item to buy another item, or in the country or area of most need rather than the one you might have selected. We will only do this if it is in the best interest of the beneficiaries.

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