Qurban is the act of sacrificing a livestock animal. It takes place after Eid-Ul-Adha prayers, marking the conclusion of Hajj. Millions of Muslims around the world honour the tradition of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) by sacrificing an animal and then distributing the meat accordingly.

Qurban teaches us obedience, devotion and promotes the idea of helping other Muslim brothers and sisters.

The meat from Qurban is divided into three portions; one for the family, one for the neighbour and one for the poor. Islam preaches about neighbours’ rights and of those who live in poverty. Qurban, therefore, serves as a means to look out for the poor and the needy. Islamic Helps’ Qurban programme has been designed from the ground up, and undertakes the responsibility of distributing fresh meat in some of the most vulnerable regions in the world. These packages provide each household with enough meat to last a whole week.

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