Gimme 5

Gimme5! Yes, it’s as simple as that – just A$5 a month to provide some of the world’s poorest with:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Healthcare
  • Shelter
  • Livelihood Projects

Gimme 5 is a simple way to support the projects that you love. Sadly, millions live with poverty around the globe and it can be difficult to decide who to support with your donation. Knowing that you want to support more than one project at the same time we have made it easy for you – by giving just A$5 a month you can make a real difference to countless lives.

What will your A$5 a month do?

It will go towards our core projects that help people to gain access to food, water, healthcare and provide them with shelter and opportunities to earn a livelihood. By setting up a Gimme5 plan with Islamic Help today, you will be supporting our efforts to alleviate poverty and hardship. We are committed to working with communities and to empowering them to break the shackles of dependence and establish the foundations for a prosperous future.

What next?

Simply set up a Gimme 5 plan with us and we will do the rest!
You can setup a regular giving of $5
Otherwise please click here to set up another regular giving or call 02 9750 0596.

  • 824 million people live with hunger
  • 783 million people live with water poverty
  • Over 1 billion people lack access to basic healthcare
  • There are over 100 million homeless in the world